Why is NBA the best basketball game

NBA is the most advanced basketball game you have ever seen and here's why

Basketball is second most popular sport in the world right after Soccer and #1 sport in some countries including America.

Playing basketball is a lot of fun whenever it's live & real or virtual video game, with you bare hands and ball or bare hands and gamepad.

Now that NBA is world's most popular basketball league it's not surprise to treat it as it's basket itself. But it isn't only the best and biggest in real world but also in gaming world.


Look around, what are the best basketball games you can play? Yep! Of course it's NBA Games usually published by 2K Games with its authority.

Every year new game comes out from double K, usually +1 year version and this year it's time for NBA 2K18 available for Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox and steam PC.

As usual new version(2K19) is expected to be released at the end of this summer for major consoles and smartphones, this time supported devices list also includes Nintendo Switch homeconsole.

The quality of graphics and prices directly depends on the platform you play on and needless to say the screen of the drv/monitor. Thanks to fast developing technologies Full HD, 2K & 4K screens are no longer dream!


For every basketball fun playing NBA games are fun & more than that, after all you can't be Kobe Bryant on the playground of the yard.



Take a look at official NBA 2K19 game trailer above, new, better and more realistic than ever.